Owning Up to a Lack of Trust

Last week I outlined how several business owners spend their time: doing things they shouldn’t be doing simply because they do not trust the people that work for them to do things correctly.

It’s often a punching bag for poor customer service, but the airline industry breaks all the records when it comes to building and maintaining the trust of its stakeholders.

The ultimate of trust is to be a nervous flyer and still get on an airplane and take a flight.

As ...

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The $300 an hour employee

jhIn the past couple of months I have heard some scary things.

Rest assured it wasn’t about America going to hell in a hand basket if (fill in the blank) was elected president.

No, what scared me was learning how some business owners spend their time.

I’m not talking about owners who run very small operations and so they must do everything from unlock the front door ...

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In business, should you date or get married?

Your first and ongoing responsibility as a business owner is to develop an effective business model.

This means creating, building and maintaining a long term relationship between buyer and seller. Ideally, that would also mean having multiple revenue streams from multiple product lines.


It’s sad, but many businesses merely “date” their customers. By this I mean that they’re in a short term relationship that is transactional ...

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How Performance Reviews Lead to Winning

In a work environment, anyone with even a thimble full of confidence and a drop of self-esteem believes that they are doing everything or darn near everything perfectly right.

These people, and I include business owners, CEOs, managers at every level and title, along with front line employees, don’t feel the need for criticism or input on how they are doing.

Even people who don’t know what they are doing often put on the airs of showing that they know what they ...

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