Business Resolutions for 2016

As the year draws to a close, allow me to suggest resolutions for the New Year that are appropriate for the leaders of every size and type of organization.

Many individuals create a list of resolutions. These thoughts are well meaning attempts to change ourselves or our environment to make the year just ahead less stressful, more productive and overall, better.

Only the top executive can create goals, strategies and plans for the organization they are responsible for leading. Unfortunately, these resolutions ...

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Success in 2016; what will it take?

Dear Ken Keller:

My business has grown only slightly the past few years and the bottom line is shrinking.

I am going to be spending the next two weeks thinking long and hard about how to turn this situation around with the goal of doing some new things in January.

You’ve advised many owners through the years but I wonder if you have any specific advice for me. I am open to hearing whatever you recommend. –Kathy M.

Dear Kathy,

This is the time of ...

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What to do about the holidays?

Dear Ken Keller,

I am probably like a lot of owners—no matter what I do at my company about the holiday season, someone ends up being upset. We’ve tried many things through the years to have some sort of celebration and I am ready to give up. What do other company owners do?
—-Bob F.


Dear Bob,

You’ve asked a great question. There are as many different ways to celebrate the holidays in a business as there are companies in business.

You might want ...

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