The Graduation Speech I Would Like to Give

Graduates, faculty members, parents, invited guests:

I am honored and humbled to speak to you. Your graduation is certainly worthy of a celebration and some words of thought-provoking advice, encouragement and inspiration.

You have much to be thankful for. You have studied, grown mentally, physically and emotionally, and are now eligible to join those folks out in the “real world of work.”

My goal today is to share five lessons with you.

The first lesson is you will end up working a majority of ...

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How One Employee Contributed

Harvey Mackay is successful author, speaker and business owner. In his book “Dig Your Well Before You Are Thirsty” he describes in detail how he earned promotions from his first employer.

His first job was managing a broom, and he was assigned the task of sweeping both the production floor and warehouse.

Harvey thought about what it would take to distinguish himself from all of the other employees at the company. He not only wanted to do ...

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The Passive Aggressive Business Owner

Right after I joined the company, I realized the owner was doing some strange things. Which made me believe he was, in fact, strange.

Monday through Thursday the dress code for men was suit and tie, and Fridays were “casual day.”

What did this guy do? Monday through Thursday he dressed casually; Fridays he wore a suit and tie. He later told someone he did this simply because he could.

Once he walked into hallway of the office, stopped so everyone could ...

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Benefits Accrue with Accountability

One magazine article I have read many times for the valuable insight it provides and have passed to prospects and clients is from Inc. Magazine. “Marcus Buckingham Thinks Your Boss Has An Attitude Problem” was published in the summer of 2001.

It’s a crash course in leading people and I believe the article should be required reading for anyone in a position of leadership.

One “ah hah” I had was that within any organization, the employee population can be divided into three ...

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