Why Your Managers Are Disengaged

The Huffington Post recently issued an ‘Infographic’ entitled “13 Disturbing Facts About Employee Engagement.”
While all were relevant, five were critical to leaders because they directly relate to leading managers.
Eighty (80) percent of senior managers are not passionate about their work.
Three quarters (75 percent) of those surveyed struggle to attract and recruit quality people needed for growth.
Eighty-six (86) percent of business and HR leaders do not have a good leadership development plan.
Business leaders also think that they have a significant employee ...
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Smell The Overhead!

Right after I joined the company, I realized the owner was strange.
Monday through Thursday the dress code was suit and tie; Fridays were “casual day.” That was company policy.
What did this guy do? Monday through Thursday he dressed casually; Fridays he wore a suit and tie.
As the boss he could dress how he liked, but no owner I had ever known acted like this.
The ...
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Are You Missing Honesty and Decisiveness?

In the fall of 1987 I was called into my boss’s office and terminated. The meeting was short and professional. The company no longer had need of my services.
For the first time since I started working when I was fourteen I was out of work for a reason not of my own choosing.
The company that had hired me in October, 1986 had been in financial difficulties for almost a year. Right after the New Years 1987, the first layoff took ...
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