Addressing slow revenue growth

One of the more common issues in business today is how to improve top line revenue.

While this could be a function of the economy, more often than not it is a set of internal obstacles holding back progress.

Below, I have identified some reasons I have discovered why revenue is flat, declining or the growth trend is unacceptable for some of my clients; use this checklist to see where you might be able to improve the situation in your company.

-The target ...

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Is Your Culture Killing Your Company?

I have a client that takes deep pride on its “company culture” for the reason that it has been in business for many years.

The company is a comfortable place to work, and the people that work there, are, for the most part very nice. It also appears that to get anything of significance accomplished is difficult.

Put another way, almost everyone seems to be generally satisfied with the status quo.

There are several middle managers who are frustrated and want to see ...

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Avoiding the Ostrich Approach to People Problems

Some years back, one of my clients shared with his fellow Strategic Advisory Board members that “In order to be successful, we all have to deal with four things: our people, our processes, effective execution and addressing the issues that growth brings.”

He was right and he also listed in the correct order of importance of the four components.

When it comes to people problems, owners often hope that these issues will either fix themselves or disappear, without getting involved.

Typical issues include:

– ...

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The high cost of ownership complacency

While every employer wants each employee to be fully engaged while on the job and working hard while on the clock, it just won’t happen.

Employees want the same thing from their boss; they want their boss to be engaged.

This is defined as working hard, setting an example for others to follow, providing direction and feedback, treating people with dignity and respect.

Sadly this is not always the case.

Some owners have simply become both lazy and apathetic about their own business.

If I ...

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