My Trees, Your People And Three Lessons Learned

When we moved into our home, a row of six tall and bushy pine trees provided ample shade and privacy for our back yard.

Pine trees have a reputation for killing most things beneath their branches, including grass, and the needles falling from the trees quickly collect and become a fire hazard.

Apparently, residential developers like to plant pines because they grow quickly and they give a neighborhood that “lived in” established look that home buyers admire.

While we were not thrilled with ...

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Why Employees Leave For Greener Pastures

Forbes reported that millions of employed Americans are switching employers each month.

Here are seven reasons why your direct reports are leaving you to earn a paycheck elsewhere.

First, because of the layoffs, downsizings and leaving vacancies open when employees voluntarily resigned or retired, many employees are now working the jobs of two, perhaps three people.

These same individuals have likely not been given raises in years. Chances are you have not told them when they can expect a raise, or given them ...

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If there is one thing that makes me angry, it is the statement stuffed into my cable television bill telling me that the price I have to pay has gone up.

No notice, no advance warning just a matter of fact statement which basically says, “Now you will pay more.”

My water company encourages me to reduce usage yet they increase rates because the volume of water has dropped and they need to make up the revenue shortfall.

Compare these two cases with ...

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This past week I watched Brian Tracy’s video “Success is a Journey” five times as I facilitated client orientations.

I made the comment each time that not only do I watch this inspiring talk each time I need a boost, I also learn something new each time I see it.

Each of us has come into contact with people who have made a substantial impression on our lives. Sometimes these individuals are with us for a long time and sometimes their tenure ...

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