Why Your Sales People Aren’t Effective And What To Do About It

If you wonder why your sales people aren’t more productive, aren’t making enough presentations and are slow to close deals, it might not be the industry you are in, your location or the economy not cooperating.

I had the pleasure of seeing Gil Cargill of the Cargill Consulting Group present a workshop on sales management for business owners. He shared some interesting facts on selling and some perspectives on buying not often considered by business owners.

The typical sales rep spends 34 ...

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Hubris: The Not So Hidden Disease Capable of Killing You and Your Business

Years ago a major manufacturer hired a research firm to conduct a survey of the cultural climate of the company.

When the study was completed, the results astounded the executive team.

The survey suggested that while more than 80 percent of the executive staff felt they were doing a fantastic job, less than 20 percent of their direct reports agreed.

The company fired that research firm and hired another one, and the results of the second study came back almost exactly the same.

After ...

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Leaders at every level set the tone: Is it one you want to hear?

Research suggests that employees do not leave because of the company they work for, but they quit because of their manager.

I have written, taught, coached and facilitated the kinds of things a good leader should say, such as, “Let me know if you need help getting this project completed,” and “You’ve been killing yourself — why don’t you take Friday off?”

And, unfortunately, I have also heard both owners and managers say to employees, “If you don’t like working here, there’s ...

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Six Questions at the Beginning of February

At the end of the first month of the year, are your objectives for 2014 being met? Have the results versus your goals left a gap?

Are you worried that what happened or what didn’t happen in January can spread to February? Or March?

When the New Year starts, there is considerable activity and excitement because January brings to every company and most people a fresh start, with new goals, and the opportunity for a change for the better.

Yet sometimes, when the ...

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