It’s Time to Create, or Update, Your Business Charter

One of the most important things a leader can provide the organization they lead is tools.

I’m not talking about buying trucks, computers, marketing brochures or lunches for clients.

The tools I am referring to are words, put in such a way to provide direction, purpose, behaviors and a goal that is engaging.

I’ve been a fan of the “Dear Abby” type newspaper columns since I first picked up a newspaper. These types of columns are interesting, fun and educational.

Recently there was a ...

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Dude, Where’s My Revenue?

It is the middle of June, mid-year; and it is likely past time to take a hard look at those things that are standing in the way of increased revenue in 2013.

Hope continues to be a failed strategy especially when it comes to increasing revenue. Yet, many owners maintain this as their only strategy.

Some owners, because it is easy to do so, have already begun to think and act, perhaps even say, 2013 is over, so I need to start ...

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The Company Without Consequences

In junior high I was late to school exactly once. Every student knew that if you were late to class you had the dreaded “seventh period.” Sitting motionless, in total silence for an hour, on the day the infraction occurred, was the consequence for arriving late to class. I learned to be on time because I hated the consequence.

Imagine you are on vacation and relying on an employee to open your business promptly for an important client. The client needs ...

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You, Your Employees and Processes Are Your Brand

I have had the pleasure of spending time with Rick McPartlin, the CEO of The Revenue Game. Rick gets companies focused on revenue growth and helps to get rid of what stands in the way of profitable sales.

The first question Rick asks is “What is your brand promise?”
This is a great question, and most business people cannot answer the question for their own organizations.

Should a company have a brand promise? The answer is yes.

However, face to face with a ...

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