Weeding the disengaged from your company

Chances are, you know someone like this: they show up every day, are present physically but not always mentally for the required period of time, and leave at the end of the day, not having accomplished much at all.

This is the disengaged employee. What makes up the critical difference between engaged employees and those that are disengaged? Research suggests that it comes down to several factors.

The primary difference is initiative. People engaged in what they are doing are proactive; they ...

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58 Lies We Tell Ourselves

One of the core values of every organization should be telling the truth. Other words that might be used would be integrity or honesty.

Here are some statements I have heard through the years from business owners and leaders that might be worth a relook as the year begins:

1. Our clients won’t leave us because they have been doing business with us for so long.

2. We listen to every suggestions received from every employee.

3. Team work is valued and rewarded.

4. Only ...

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Lessons from the Food Court

Much of my working life has been in and around the food industry.

My first job in high school was working at a small grocery store; I graduated to McDonald’s and then washed dishes in a restaurant, saving most of my paycheck for college.

Once at college, I had a part time job at a convenience store in a small town, and spent my summers at a Hunt Wesson ketchup factory, working the graveyard shift on the sanitation crew.

I still don’t eat ...

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Most Success Comes from a Team Effort

Ten years ago, Patrick Lencioni published The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. I continue to recommend it to business owners and leaders for building teams focused on execution and results.

Lencioni uses a pyramid to describe what he discusses in the book; at the foundation is absence of trust, followed by fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability and at the top, inattention to results.

Each are serious topics damaging companies but are not often discussed.

No business can succeed without ...

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